Door Make-Up

Product Description

All of our products conform to the latest EC regulations and directives.

Our product range covers specific categories such as commercial shop front roller shutters, industrial roller shutters (insulated and single skin), steel security doors, aluminium shop fronts, automatic sliding doors but to name a few. With many years experience within the roller shutter door industry we have the ability  to provide customers with detailed information, competative prices and the correct product for their specific requirements.

Whether the order is for a one-off or high-profile multiple installations, we have the commitment and ability to give all our customers the same professional service.

Our workforce has the flexability and know-how to take a customers problem/idea and provide a solution or product to suit their requirements. Our aim is to provide our customers with a competitively priced, quality product. Our future aims and ambitions are to continue to improve and develop the company and products to meet our customers needs.

Conserve heat and reduce noise

The design of the insulated lath compete with the CFC-free polystyrene infill helps to maintain a comfortable working environment by ensuring heat leaving the building is kept to a minimum and also acts as a barrier to prefent cold air entering tbe building. Giving a "U" value of 0.69 w/m2k and an acoustic value of 18dBA.

Low Maintenance

The design characteristics of the insulated roller shutter ensure that it is virtually maintenance free. In the event of accidental damage, the unique twin skinned design enables quick and easy repair. The insulated roller shutter door combines an aesthetically pleasing appearance with energy efficiency, robust construction and reliability, all at a very competitive price.

Door Construction

Top Barrel Lath

The galvanised steel pre-punched top barrel lath section is specifically designed to connect twin interlocked insulated skins to a 127mm (5") barrell. The top barrel lath significantly reduces curtain wrap size.

Roller Barrel Assembly

Constructed from mild steel tube of suitable outside diameter and wall thickness to suit the shutter application. As standard, the barrel is un-sprung and works on a chain or direct drive system through the motor dependant on the size of the doors.

End Plates

Mild steel endplates of varying thickness to support the roller barrel assembly. The plates are supplied with a slotted section to enable ease of installation of the barrel assembly and pre-drilled to accept the fitting of the motor bearing bracket.

Guide Channel

The door is supplied with a wind lock "style" insulated guides with hidden fixing. The guides are supplied complete with unique self-locking feature that connects a plastic double brush strip  carrier to the guide complete with brush strip seals to significantly reduce the noise of the operation and increase the insulation value.


Each section is uniquely dimensioned twin skinned interlocking lath section incorporating a triple ribbed face providing increased rigidity. Each twin skinned lath section is retained with a nylon endlock to prevent lateral movement.

Bottom Carrier Seal

A galvanised steel bottom seal carrier is fitted to the bottom secion of the lath complete with a specially designed bottom rubber seal to ensure that the door is effectively sealed once in the closed position. The first of its kind in the ecolath insulated roller shutter is not only good at reducing heat loss, It is also 94% recyclable. So Reduce your impact on the environment and when it's time to change give a little back to mother earth.

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